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Feedback on Assignment Three

Feedback on Assignment Three

I submitted Assignment Three-Colour  at the end of July and very quickly received the tutor feedback, which I have summarised below.

 Overall comments- My learning log is working well and the there is evidence of the project tasks building up nicely.

Assignment feedback-

The assignment contains really interesting imagery supported by very useful research. It was comprehensive and very balanced in term of theoretical exploration and practical testing.

My tutor thought that the assignment submission was clearly laid out and my ideas and arguments gained strength from annotation and academic references.

He noted the imagery is appropriate and shot for purpose rather than being shoe horned in from a previous archive.

A general observation he made was that the shots that were sourced on location generated the most impact. A reason for this being that location work tends to less visually repetitive and potentially more challenging in terms of actually seeing the colours within the existing landscape. However, he notes that the still-lifes still do the job. Perhaps I could have been a little more imaginative with my still life subject matter? He suggests looking at the work of Weston and Penn in relation to lighting an object and still life experimentation (see suggested reading below).He also suggested thinking about ‘why’ I take an image and not solely on the technical aspects.

He notes that the assignment is packed with colour, and that the images that especially stood out where Dubai Marina and Red Parasol, see below.

Dubai Marina am, 30mm, f/32, 1/30s, ISO 100

Dubai Marina am,
30mm, f/32, 1/30s, ISO 100

Red parasol,  7.3mm (40mm efl), 1/125s, ISO 80

Red parasol,
7.3mm (40mm efl), 1/125s, ISO 80

As this is a new tutor for me he stressed the point of establishing a critical position in assignments by relating the work of others to your own and including the full ‘Harvard’ reference in your bibliography, which I do try to do.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the feedback. I undertook a lot of reading around the topic of Colour and feel that has had a positive influence on how I approached and carried out the assignment.


Further reading/viewing suggested

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