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Feedback on Assignment Five

Feedback on Assignment Five

I recently received feedback on Assignment Five from my tutor. Overall, the feedback is very positive and encouraging. The main points from this are listed below.

My tutor noted that the assignment was well planned and that this supported the visual work. He also thought that the referencing throughout the contextual element of the submission was useful and helped to shape my intentions.

He felt that looking at a place like Dubai, in an alternative manner, caught the imagination from the outset and makes the body of work more interesting to look at rather than documenting the obvious.

My tutor felt that the actual images worked well together. He notes that while the body of water in the opening shot would have been too large a compositional element on it’s own it worked very well with the text overlaid. I found this feedback very encouraging as, I noted in the submission, this wasn’t necessarily my first choice of image for the opener but I did feel that with heading and text it was more successful. He also liked the postcard image, noting that the postcards depicting modern Dubai, displayed in a very dated postcard rack helped reference the place that Dubai had become, whilst showing a glimpse of its less slick past. Again, I’m extremely pleased with this feedback, as this had been my intention when I took the photograph. I wanted to juxtapose new and old Dubai in a single image for contrasting effect. He commented also on the souk shot, noting that the use of the slow shutter speed worked well and also that the time I spent waiting for the ‘correct’ subjects to enter the frame paid off.

My tutor notes that my blog has progressed well and shows evidence of my research and testing. He is pleased that I have been researching a variety of practitioners and that, after reflection, I offer my own opinion on their work

He also commented that things are easy to find on my blog, which is encouraging, as I have spent quite some time structuring it to ensure easy navigation. I plan on testing the ease of navigation of the blog on a few friends before submitting the URL to the OCA assessors in July.

I am more than happy with the feedback from this assignment and feel that the time I spent planning and preparing helped me to clarify my intentions. I am also very pleased that my intentions seem to have been successfully conveyed.