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TAOP Course Aims

Course aims

The Art of Photography aims to provide an introduction to the basic concepts, working methods and resources used in photography and is suitable for students with a wide range of prior knowledge and skill. As well as developing practical photographic skills I’ll be encouraged to view my work in a broader context and to start to understand the cultural positioning of photography.

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course I’ll be able to:

  • demonstrate an awareness of the principles of composition when planning and taking photographs using suitable cameras, lenses and other equipment.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the different qualities of light, both natural and artificial, and the properties of colour, using methods of control to pictorial advantage.
  • show a basic knowledge of the principles of graphic design in photography, conveying information by means of a single photograph or a series of photographs.
  • reflect perceptively on my own learning experience.

Easy if you say it all quickly!!!


Part one- The Frame

This first section of the course looks closely at the frame. It’s aim is to help me to use the viewfinder as an extension of my eye and to compose well designed and well balanced pictures within it.

Within this section I will consider-

  • Looking through the viewfinder
  • Focal lengths
  • Dividing the frame
  • Frame shapes and sizes
  • Cropping and extending

and finish with an assignment on Contrasts.

I am becoming more familiar with me new camera and how to navigate the controls. I have started to look at the world around me with ‘fresh’ eyes as I consider what might make an interesting subject to photograph.

A major issue for me at the moment is the weather here in Dubai. The temperature is 40c and rising with humidity levels which result in a steamy camera which takes 15 minutes to de-mist. We have also had some sand storms. I have also discovered that the lighting in my flat is sorely inadequate for indoor photography for at least half of the day. These factors will need to be given due consideration as I select subjects and surroundings for my photographs. Roll on Autumn!!