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Feedback- Assignment Four, Light

I recently received tutor feedback on my submission for Assignment Four for TAoP, Light.

I was delighted to read that the feedback on the work was very positive, particularly as I had had very little experience with photographic lighting until this section of the course.

My tutor noted that overall, it was a very strong submission and that I seems to have benefitted from the technical activities that the chapter required and have responded well to previous feedback.  He thought that the images reflected good control of different lighting and also that the contextualization of the imagery was good.

On beginning the assignment I seemed to get ‘stuck’ when considering what would be a suitable subject for the series of photographs. I therefore, was pleased that my tutor noted that the subject I selected, a pumpkin, was an appropriate for this time of exercise and lent itself well to the work on colour and colour temperatures.

In terms of assignment presentation, I was pleased that my tutor noted my inclusion of a mind-map and set diagrams as, although it did take some extra time to include these, they did help me to plan and organise my thoughts and ideas.

It was positively noted that I refer to and cite the sources of my research, however my tutor encouraged me to widen my net further to include journals and academic papers perhaps. Having said that, he also noted that as I had also referred to some practice based texts that with a photography degree it is good to keep a foot in both practice and theory.

It appears that my learning log (blog) is progressing well in terms of content and is easy to navigate, which is reassuring to hear and also good to know that someone actually reads the posts that I write! He has encouraged me to maintain a good level of curiosity and include posts about everything I am viewing and reading, which is quite an overwhelming, thought. However, I will endeavor to pick up the pace a little in this area as I know that writing helps to me to reflect and organise my thoughts.

He has also suggested some contemporary publications for me to take a look at which will help in the next and final section of the course, Narrative and Illustration.

Suggested reading/viewing

Germain, Julian.2005: For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness. Steidl MACK. Gottingen. Germany

ISBN-3: 86521-077-5

Muller, Wolgang.2003: Karat – Sky Over St Petersburg. Nazraeli Press. Tucson USA

ISBN-3: 932809-40-8

King, Stephen.2009: Lewis’s Fifth Floor – A Department Story.

Liverpool University Press. Liverpool UK

ISBN: 978-1-84631-246-5

Billingham, Richard.2000: Ray’s a Laugh. Scalo. Berlin. Germany

ISBN-3: 908247-37-3

Narrative and illustration next…