Fitting the frame to the subject -part 3

I will continue the cropping exercise from the previous post.

crop 3, left focus

crop 3

This crop draws the eye to the details in the lower part of the structure, such as the design filled arches.

With the second tower image I aimed to fill the camera frame.

tower 2

crop 1, narrow frame

crop 1

crop 2, top focus

crop 2

I like this crop as it positions the tower slightly left allowing the birds on the beams to become more of a focus.

Tower 4

With the fourth image of the tower I cropped it in four different ways as you can see below.

crop 1, long and narrow

crop 1

crop 2, vertical across tower tops

crop 2

crop 3, frame move in from left

crop 3

The wind tower was a better subject for this exercise than the palm tree as it resulted in more interesting crop options.

I enjoyed this exercise as it has encouraged me to look at subjects through the viewfinder in different positions in relation to their surroundings. It has also demonstrated to me that some off centredness can add interest and context to a photograph.

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