Fitting the frame to the subject part 2

I experimented with the software editing programme to create cropped images of the photographs taken previously. I began with the first palm tree.

tree 1

I tried out several crops including the three below.

crop 1, a tight frame around the tree

crop 1

crop 2, focus on the palm fronds

crop 2

crop 3, tree slightly off centre to left 

crop 3

Of these three crops I prefer crop 3. The base of the tree is closer to the bottom of the photograph and the off centre position draws the eye left to make you aware of the tree’s slight lean in that direction.

The fourth tree image I cropped was the tree situated on the sand with an empty beach to the left and the sea to the rear.

tree 4

Of the four tree images this was the one which offered me the most cropping options.

crop 1, narrowing the frame

crop 1

While the original image draws your eyes along the beach this narrower frame made me focus on the central part of the photograph and the distance across the water to the buildings in the rear.

For the second crop I decided to leave the tree out of the frame and focus on the beach area and buildings to the left.

crop 2

crop 2

While this image is not as sharply focussed as the tree was in the foreground it does have a hazy, summery postcard quality.

I then considered how to crop the wind tower.

tower 1

cropped to focus on the central tower and the tower to its right.

crop 1

In this crop I noticed the seemingly different heights between the towers.

crop 2, focus on the horizontal lines and beams at the tower tops

crop 2

The landscape frame emphasises here emphasises the horizontal beams at the tower tops.

I will continue this exercise in the next post.


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