Introduction- Getting to Know your Camera.

I have read the first few pages of TAOP student manual and following it’s advice began to read my camera manual. As I have recently changed cameras I found it be an extremely useful exercise. I previously had been using a Panasonic Lumix FZ45 and now have a Nikon 5100. My Panasonic had been used, basically,  as a point and shoot camera up until a few months ago so the idea of working with interchangeable lenses was rather daunting. I worked through the Nikon’s manual, trying out each instruction and setting. On first read the main point I had trouble getting my head around was the Focus settings as they stated which situations each would be suitable for but then followed on with a list of exceptions to these which I found contradictory. I made note to revisit the Focus settings and hope that more practical experience with the camera will make it clearer. I also made a brief note to experiment with the Interval Time Photography and Self Timer settings. I have downloaded the manual onto my IPad so that I have it handy for further reference.


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